The Mister Sisters, Great Falls, Montana’s premier award winning… well… only award winning real quartet of fake women.
Created by three friends who love to perform, The Mister Sisters is all about having a good time and challenging stereotypes and gender-norms through comedy and fun. Our shows and format welcome diverse crowds spanning multiple age ranges. Our mission is to get your butt in a seat, have a good time, perhaps a few drinks and to walk away thinking “what a great show.” If during that process we have been able to change your perception on some things that’s always an added bonus. Don’t take yourself too seriously, we don’t!

Queens For Hire (Services)

Comedy, Vocals, Lip Syncing and more! Join us at a show or hire us to be a part of yours. We won’t steal the spotlight…too much.

Our Shows

The Mister Sister’s own shows are a mix of drag and theater or…thrag…or deater…umm..let’s just say they are fun.  Our shows feature live and lip synched performances, witty banter, audience participation and of course, a ton of glitter and costume changes.

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Just look at all the good we do!

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Meet The Queens


Kola Stomey


“Why drink with friends when you can drink alone and have more to share with yourself?”

The former Nicaraguan Bodybuilder and New Amsterdam Vodka aficionado  found a new calling as the MC for the Mister Sisters.

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Lexi Tucker-Dixon


The woman, the voice, the buffalo wings.

Lexi was a one time Vegas Show girl who due to her maturing years lost her coveted lounge act…

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Virgo Fatale


“It costs a lot of money to look this cheap!”

A fan of all things Dolly Pardon, rumors are that Virgo once worked for the secret service.

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Julie Yard

The Flagrant Flautist

“Roll down the window so they can look at me!”

Montana’s only Juilliard educated Drag Queen, Julie enjoys spending her free time giving makeup samples to the homeless and posing on the hood of muscle cars.

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Keep Up To Date With Events and More!

  • 13659133_1801097143457062_5460965105718855145_n

    Calling All Performers! Entry Deadline Sept 1st

    Open Audition Call! If you’ve ever wanted to be in a show with us, or have previously and want to join again here is your chance!

    August 03, 2016 0
  • Burlesque

    Burlesque – June 17, 2016

    For those of you who have been holding out for one of our more traditional style shows, your wait is over! Come join us June 17th and kick off Pride weekend with the Mister Sisters! After sustaining a head injury … Read More »

    May 03, 2016 0
  • Prom3

    80s Prom Night – March 26th @ Industry!

    The year: 1989 The prez: Ronny Reagan The event: The Mister Sisters’ 1980s Prom! Join your favorite queens for a bodacious night of taffeta, neon, Aqua Net, and oversized shoulder pads at the newest and hottest night club in Great … Read More »

    February 05, 2016 0
  • Ho Ho Ho

    Jingle Belles!

    ‘Twas like a week before Christmas, and all through my purse Not a dollar was living, it felt like a hearse So we got jobs at this mall to buy some bomb pumps In hopes of making these divas perfect … Read More »

    November 12, 2015