The Mister Sisters Present: Virgo Fatalés Evil Queens


Every queen has a phantasmagorical multitude of voices within. In Virgo Fatale’s case, they’re all evil queens who haven’t worked in a few years and find themselves vying for the ultimate crown in a drop-dead beauty pageant.

After indulging in an evening of Legos and cartoon princess films, Virgo Fatalé drifts into a sugar plum fairy filled slumber. As she sleeps Virgo is whisked off to a harrowing pageant where evil queens compete in their own versions of fractured fairy tale nightmares.

Who will be crowned the most evil queen of all? Grab your magic mirror, and join us for a fantasy-filled evening to find out!

Ticketed guests are invited to stay for the after party from 10:00pm-Midnight at the venue to party with the Mister Sisters and friends!

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Holiday Inn Great Falls