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The Mister Sisters, Great Falls, Montana’s premier award winning… well… only award winning real quartet of fake women.

Created by three friends who love to perform, The Mister Sisters is all about having a good time and challenging stereotypes and gender-norms through comedy and fun. Our shows and format welcome diverse crowds spanning multiple age ranges. Our mission is to get your butt in a seat, have a good time, perhaps a few drinks and to walk away thinking “what a great show.” If during that process we have been able to change your perception on some things that’s always an added bonus. Don’t take yourself too seriously, we don’t!


Queens For Hire (Services)

Comedy, Vocals, Lip Syncing and more! Join us at a show or hire us to be a part of yours. We won’t steal the spotlight…too much.

Our Shows

Unique and dynamic, The Mister Sisters offer acts from classy to campy, lip-synced to live singing. There is never a dull moment when these divas are around. Specializing in the theatrical, this quartet of real, fake women will weave a story that has you gasping for air and always coming back for more.

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The Mister Sisters At Your Event

  • Holidays
  • Celebrations & Birthdays
  • Fundraisers
  • Pride and more!
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Just look at all the good we do!

Now let’s talk about what it’s really all about…our merchandise! Show your support and look #Fierce while doing it in some great Mister Sisters Swag. Attitude and Shade not included.

Meet The Queens

Lexi Tucker-Dixon

Young, beautiful, talented, ambitious…none of these things really describe our own Lexi Tucker-Dixon…but that singing voice tho…


Inspired by recent interest in DNA spit kits, Virgo discovered she is 5% Norwegian, 5% Irish, and 90% cream-filled goddess. In addition to her connection to divinity she is often (once) mistaken for infamous British songstress, Adele.


Julie Yard is a campy queen who isn’t afraid of the taboo. She’s a big hit at the Taco Bell drive through, and she can do things with a Taquito you didn’t even know were possible.


Svelte, sophisticated, lewd. Having been displaced from her corner by the Panda Express, Kola specialises in Great Falls’ primary export: bullshit.

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